About us

Hanu International (HK) Limited founded by Diamantaire Mr. Rakesh Sharma is a prominent name of the diamond, gems and jewelry industry with strong roots dating back to the nineties.

Today our core business involves dealing of an extensive range of polished diamonds. Our stones are mined in Australia, Africa, India, Canada and Russia and all come from legitimate, conflict-free sources countries which comply with UN resolutions.

In over 25 years in the industry, we have built a large global network of loyal clients who keep coming to us because the company has managed to continuously exceed customer’s expectations with its wide range of products. The company participates in several trade-shows throughout the year and attends a number of industry related diamond functions.

We are a family corporation built on values of knowledge, expertise, integrity and fair business ethics. Over the years we have developed a strong liaison with our customers, suppliers, employees and business associates based on our Cheap replica rolex traditional doctrines of sincerity, service and satisfaction.


MISSION: To Be the Pioneer in Exclusive Collection of Diamonds

Philosophies: Trust, integrity, value and ethical business practices is what we promote in this Industry.

Desire: Driven by the passion to deliver the best always.

Partnership: Creating and nurturing partnerships with employees, customers and business partners.

Performance: It has been prominent with our continued existence and our hard work has always paid us.

VISION: We constantly lead ourselves to appraise our performances and expectations and to consistently innovate and integrate the business value chain in order to provide our customers the highest level of quality through our products and services.


Customer Satisfaction & Trust has Always Been

Our Key Mantra to Success